Donna & Andy

Darren Arsenault - playing banjo for one of the penguin songs

Eugene Cormier - we can't tell you how he made his wonderful guitar sound like a very expensive ukulele!

Jamie Gatti's bass playing on Donna's Aire was the icing on the cake AND the very best foundation

Donnie at his recording console - patience and talent in the same person!

Oriana Duinker and Benjamin Taylor added so much with their French horn parts

Nathan Taylor, Nell and Oriana Duinker, Emma and Abbey Duinker, Jenna Richards "The Relative Minors"

Nathan, Ori and Jenna "between takes"

Jamie Robinson waiting for some corrections to his part. The third time we have had the pleasure of working with this fine musician.

Jamie Gatti playing double duty switching to electric bass for Call of the Ocean

Our CD release concert at Hebbville, January 2004. One of our favourite places to perform! Assisting us were Jenna Richards and Emma Duinker on vocals

Donna, Jenna, Andy and Darren Arsenault at the CD release concert in Hebbville, January 2004.

Abbey dancing

Andy making a chicken cat ate the computer mouse!...

Donna doing the penguin line dance
with young audience volunteers

Donna and Andy taking
a rest from spinning a tune.

We'll play the tunes.
You sing along and dance!

Donna & Andy
at the ECMAs 2004

Teacher from
Bible Hill Central Elementary

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