Singing in the Choir (SATB)

A humorous look at the parts that make up an SATB choir. Each section sings on its own, moving from the tenors to the basses, to the altos, to the sopranos. Each section sings a description of the part it is usually responsible to sing. Some inter-section ‘bickering’ occurs as to who gets to sing the lead and why each part has it “rough”. An optional conductor’s vocal part is included. Once all the parts have had their say, the parts are added cumulatively until full SATB voicing is achieved and the piece concludes on a co-operative “note”. This is an excellent piece for encores, or to educate the choir members and/or audiences regarding the make-up of an SATB choir. The piano accompaniment is its own distinct part and is complimentary to the vocal lines, but does not duplicate any of the parts.

© Copyright 2002 by Donna Rhodenizer

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