The Quilt
(Donna Rhodenizer)

My fav'rite quilt was black and red, it graced the foot of Gramma's bed.
An heirloom made to last through time, 'twas made with care and stitches fine.
A piece of hist'ry cut to fit a pattern far more intricate
Than all the pieces on their own, but all together finely sewn in a
    Blazing Star, Fox and Geese, Dresden Plate and Butterfly.
    The colours and the patterns joining in a joyful dance.
A piece of Gramma's wedding dress, the sky blue of my Grampa's vest
The softest yellow known on earth, reminder of a baby's birth.
Small scraps and pieces of a life too small to keep
Perhaps they might be useful in the larger scheme
of things remembered, hoped and dreamed in a
    Lover's Knot, Wedding Ring, Ship of Dreams and Old Maid's Eyebrows.
    The names alone were cause to tremble at the sheer romance.
The time has passed my Gramma's gone, her legacy is carried on
Her memory will always be as close as her quilt next to me.
I run my hand across the squares remembering each story there.
A chance to smile and shed a tear and keep one's fam'ly always near in a
    Rising Sun, Hour Glass, Happy Thought and Jessie's Diamond.
    Something precious, something grand
    Created by another's hand from little scraps and bits of cloth,
    The fabric of a life.

    In a Blazing Star, Fox and Geese, Ship of Dreams and Jessie's Diamond.
    Something precious, something grand.

Copyright 1997 by Donna Rhodenizer
Red Castle Publishing

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