May the peace of Christmas (the peace of Christmas)
        and the joy of giving (the joy of giving)
        Be the gift we may wish for you.
        May you feel great love and kindness,
                may it last for the whole year through.
        May it last for the whole year through.

As you place the special gifts you’ve bought
        beneath the lighted tree
please take this gift we offer you, though tiny it may be.
It is full of love up to the brim and once it’s opened wide,
there is no way to ever fit that love all back inside.


We also wish to give to you the gifts of peace and joy.
They may not seem exciting, but they’re better than a toy.
For a toy may break if it’s used too much,
        you may lose it or grow bored.
But the gifts you keep within your heart
        will never be destroyed.


© 1994 by Donna Rhodenizer
Red Castle Publishing 

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