Sometimes the tenors in the choir feel cheated
and we'd like a chance to see what we can do
It's not just girls who like to sing and be noticed,
We like to sing melodies, too
We'd like to make an official petition
To have an interesting part to sing.
Let the sopranos do the background vocals and let us do the glamorous things.

Basses always get parts that outline chords for the song
We'd like to let someone know just what a good job we do.
We do all of this work with little glory or fame
It seems like every piece is more and more of the same.

Stop your whining and complaining altos also have it rough.
All our notes are used as fillers, there's no tune, now THAT is tough.

Now look what you've gone and started, sound like hiccups thanks to you (tenors)
We were happy singing tunes now listen what we have to do!

Stop your bickering, we are here to sing
I'm directing this is what we will do.
You begin your part, then each group will start,
'till we have a song worth listening to.

(Each part enters one at a time)

We like singing in the choir!

Copyright 2002 by Donna Rhodenizer

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