The love of the sea it holds like no other
The roll of the waves and the tangy salt air
She's stormy and gentle and constantly changing
Her song is my blood and I can't turn away.

Although I can't hold her
she knows how to soothe me
I hear her voice whisper and call out my name
I'll give of my heart to mortal for breaking
Myself, I will choose for my true love, the sea.

    She has my love 'til death us do part
    She has all of my soul and all of my heart
    I'm not complete unless I am near her
    My soul mate, my master, my true love, the sea.
What gifts she does bring in the colours she gives me
The blush of new morning, the sapphire of noon
The red glow of the sun in the evening,
the twilight's deep blue when I bid her goodnight.

Please follow my wishes and when I am dying
return me to her so together we'll be
Her waves will be the arms that enfold me
United at last with my true love, the sea.

Copyright 1997 Leslie Music Supply

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